How to Advertise a Home

    When you make the critical decision to list (sell) your home, there are many things to consider.  The first is home www.  With Matt Sleadd we have coordinated with a professionally licensed stager who turns your home into the immaculate vision of the space.  There is a cost of renting furniture and if there are any repairs to be made, but what you invest here will be made back with the increased sales price of the home.  Photography is your next best investment; we pride ourselves in high-quality photographs of your home that if you are not satisfied with the results, we will hire an outside photographer to retake.  There is an option to create a 3D model of your home that we can explore depending on the size of the house and if it is staged appropriately for that type of photography.  Videos of the home are then taken to showcase the space and provide buyers with an idea of what they will see before they schedule an opportunity to view the house in person with their agent.

    Together these resources are broadcast across the internet with paid advertising on traditional media and social media along with syndication to all major Real Estate websites.  Looking at the graph below you can see the one day affect our advertising strategy had on a home that was listed on the market for several weeks before we had the opportunity to advertise it properly.

    Syndication is a two-edged sword by the fact that old information is pushed lower down on search results as new homes with new details come to the marketplace. Many people have home alerts that notify them when there are changes to a property, such as a drop in price. Reposting listings can make dropping the price an effective strategy even when the amount is minimal. It grabs the listing and pushes it back to the top once more so previous buyers will once again see the listing. The only downside is that if they did not purchase it the first time they looked at it, there might be more we need to fix that price to get them to buy this time, as it is almost never pricing that causes someone not to buy a home.

    The graph showed highlights what effective strategies could do in one day for the online presence of a home. It is staggering to see how fast this single property draws the attention of the marketplace. However, take note that the home did not sell for another month, because even with that much attention the market was not ready to buy that house. Drawing the attention to the property is one step in the process. The next item is presenting the home in the best possible light so that when a prospective homeowner arrives, they will see your vision for the dream home they must have. Creating the best possible light is where home staging comes into play. Create the house they always wanted, and they will gladly offer to buy it from you.

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