Midland Animal Hospital

    When you are deciding to look for a new home, you may often overlook the importance of your furry little family members and their medical needs. Luckily for everyone moving to the Midland area, you will be well served by the Midland Animal Hospital. Founded by Dr. Tatum the hospital is a state of the art facility focused on the health and wellbeing of your pets.

    Pet medical services include animal dentistry, care for allergies, radiology, laboratory services, and help with your senior pets and aging pets. If the day should come when your loved one requires surgery you can rest assured that the Midland Hospital will be there to meet all of your needs as well.

    I encourage anyone who is thinking of moving to the area and bringing their beloved pet with them to take the time to look over at the Midland Animal Hospital and see what other services they may be able to offer.


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