What Tops Your Counter

    When it comes to choosing your next home improvement few options will increase the value of your home as much as renovating the kitchen.  In the kitchen, your dollar will go a long way towards improving the value of your home with the addition of stainless steel appliances, updated cabinets, and improved countertops.  But which type of counter is the best for you?  In many ways, this is going to be a matter of personal opinion, but since the 1990’s the default answer was always granite.  Now there are innovations in countertop materials that give kitchen renovations options beyond granite.  Choosing between Engineered Quarts, Wood, Soapstone, Concrete, or Stainless Steel can open up your color palette and range of prices to enhance the luster of what has become the centerpiece of the modern home.

    Don’t let the name of some of these materials dissuade you from considering them.  Items such as Concrete have come a long way since the 80’s when the original concrete countertops were well known to be brittle and somewhat porous easily damaged surfaces.  Today’s counters are many times more durable and are sealed to prevent staining.  Engineered Quarts is quickly becoming a favorite as it mimics many of the same qualities as granite but costs considerably less and there are more options to the engineered designs available in the material.

    My recommendation is to take an afternoon and visit the home improvement store of your choice, there are several good ones in town, and let the specialist there introduce you to your options and explain each while you look at the beauty of what can be added to your new home.

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