Move to Midland Georgia Midland is a beautiful community, conveniently located, and well developed.

    Many home buyers who are looking to move to Columbus but are trying to find that something extra with their home or perhaps want to escape the heart of the city will look out towards our neighbor to the North, Midland.  Midland is a beautiful expanse of well-developed homes and neighborhoods that have some of the best homebuilders working round the clock to create affordable works of art that fit any pallet.  Don’t be intimidated by the distance from the post if your working on base.  Because of the easy access to the highway system, returning into Columbus, and the military reservation (20 min) is an easy and quick drive on well maintained four-lane roads.

    Shopping for those living out in Midland is just around the corner, and there are quick routes to both the Columbus Park Crossings shopping center (15 min) and the Peachtree Mall (15 min).  There is no downside to living out in Midland, so if you’re looking at homes in the North area of Columbus, go ahead and add Midland to your search and see what new homes this will add to your list.