Area Near Ft Benning Living near post can be affordable and save you a commute

    Ft Benning US Army Maneuver Center, formerly the Home of the Infantry, has integrated with the Armor School and several other distinguished branches of the US Army to form a multi-national active military fort.  With as many active duty service personnel as they transfer in and out of the Columbus GA area in any given year, there is a constant need for housing near Ft Benning.  The on-base housing supports the fort in many ways but when it comes time for Soldiers and families to move off post they often look to live within an easy commute to Ft Benning.  There are a variety of homes near Ft Benning with a wide range of affordable options and neighborhoods.

    It is highly recommended that if the new homeowner is a servicemember that they consult with their unit chain of command before shopping for a new home so they can identify what areas of Columbus to avoid based on the recommendations of the unit.  The goal of living near Ft Benning is to have clear access to the central transportation corridor, I-185.  With most Soldiers entering post through the main gate at the Southern end of I-185 your commute time will be based on how long it takes to get to this road.  A few units are off of other gates and the majority of those roads are best accessed from I-185 but check with your unit to see which gate you will be using the most.

    Your next important areas are going to be Victory Drive where you will have access to the military supply stores, Wal-Mart, other assorted shopping, and one of the more convenient routes to Uptown.  There are homes on Victory drive in the range of more affordable living that are not directly on the busy road but instead tucked into their own neighborhoods.